Welcome to the Pokemon TCG Database. Brought to America on 1999, the game has expanded farther than most card games. It is one of the most popular games to collect and trade. Here at Pokemon TCG Database (PTCGD), we are dedcated to archiving all of the cards released for this wonderful game as well as the latest strategies!

Card SetsEdit

How to PlayEdit

Each player needs to know how the layout of the game field is and a 60-card deck. During set-up, the players need to:

  • Set a decided number of random facedown cards off to the side. These are taken one-by-one as you Knock Out your opponent's Pokemon. Usually 6 cards.
  • Draw a hand of

Taking turns, each person gets to:

  1. Draw a card
    • This ALWAYS happens first on your turn. You only draw 1 card at the start of your turn.

Building a DeckEdit

Each deck must have 60 cards. To play effectively, different types of cards are needed. These include but are not limited to: Pokemon, energy and trainer cards.

Pokemon cards come in different types and stages.

  • Only basic Pokemon can be placed during set-up and in-game. These cards will say "Basic Pokemon" somewhere on the card. On the older cards, its in the top left corner, above the name of the Pokemon.
  • Stage 1 and Stage 2 Pokemon evolve from the Basic Pokemon. They cannot be played without the pre-evolution in play. The only exception is the Pokemon Breeder card. If you have a Basic Pokemon in play and a matching Stage 2

Usually, you need to have the same type of energy cards that your pokemon need in order to use their attacks. Without the right energy cards, your Pokemon can't attack!

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